A message from Daisy

 Daisy Vickers, expert in performance scoring

“I have been in the performance assessment scoring business for over thirty years, both as a client and as a contractor. During my career, I have spent a great deal of my time working to improve the quality and accuracy of performance scoring, often times with limited input to the systems. That is why I am incredibly enthusiastic about OSCAR, a new scoring platform, and am proud to say I helped (these kids) develop it. ;)

It is easy to setup and easy to use. So easy to use that clients whether they are contractors or educators, can enter their prompts, rubrics, training materials, and scorers and be ready to score in minutes.

It is flexible. Trainers are able to create their training within the system and easily make changes when necessary. They are able to create validity checks and calibration up front or during the scoring process.

It is quick. Clients are able to easily set up the system, make changes to the scoring rules, and to move from one item to another. Training can be adjusted or altered in minutes.

It is inexpensive. Large-scale, high volume scoring is pennies per essay. Small projects are completed at a price point that is easy to realize value.

It provides quality. Clients are able to configure training, qualification, calibration, and validity sets and monitor real time results.

Last, but not least, the reporting capabilities provide views into scorer performance that I have been wanting and the industry has been needing for years.