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Enables Fast, Accurate Scoring

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Built out of the need to provide a flexible solution to accurately and efficiently evaluate performance assessment items

Constructed-response item types are increasingly considered a better measure of critical thinking and analytical skills – often referred to as higher-order thinking. The increased adoption of these new “Second-Generation Assessments” have called attention to the need for an accurate, efficient and cost-effective tool to score these innovative item types.

MZ Dev developed OSCAR, a state-of-the-art, next-generation platform for online scoring and reporting that boasts a set of features to accommodate a variety of performance scoring requirements, while still achieving the primary goal of providing an accurate, simple, affordable solution.


Comprehensive performance scoring functionality that is easy to use and increases accuracy and efficiency

Gone are the days of complex or coupled system configurations, cumbersome administrative oversight and set-up and expensive contractual obligations.

OSCAR is built from the ground-up to accommodate the increasing demand for online, distributed performance scoring. It’s lightweight and highly scalable and designed to accommodate everything from the most basic scoring requirements, to complex, multi-dimensional scoring rules.

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Watching the transformation of OSCAR over the last two years while utilizing input and functionality feedback from GCA scoring teams has been dynamic. Collaboration between GCA and MZ Dev has provided our Scoring and Reporting unit the opportunity to streamline processes resulting in expedited results to customers.
Dr. Jeffrey Barker - Associate Director Georgia Center for Assessment
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Performance Scoring Evolved

At MZ Dev, we’ve spent years improving assessment and performance scoring capabilities. With OSCAR, we developed a solution that allows our clients to score faster and more accurately than ever before. We focus on platform development and maintenance and allow our customers to focus on the most accurate scoring results possible.

  • Projects of All Sizes

    OSCAR supports projects of all sizes, from large-scale, high-stakes summative assessment scoring, to field testing and range finding.

  • Flexible Licensing Options

    The MZ Dev team is continually adding new features to our products that benefit all customers. Let us worry about the development costs and choose a per response license that works for your organization.

  • Organizations of all kinds

    OSCAR is currently being used by Performance Scoring Centers, Assessment Companies. Departments of Education, District Assessment Offices, College & Universities

  • Human and Machine Scoring

    OSCAR has built in workflows that allow integration with AI scoring engines. A project can easily be configured to use AI for a certain percent of any read.

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Interested in OSCAR?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our customers

  • What types of responses can be scored using OSCAR?

    OSCAR supports a wide variety of media formats including: Text, PDF, Image, Audio, and Video. The OSCAR API suite is extensively documented for integration with online testing and reporting platforms.

  • Is OSCAR scalable?

    OSCAR was built to scale dynamically. Regardless of how large or small your project requirements are, we can actively scale our cloud-based hosting configurations to accommodate your needs.

  • What are the licensing options for OSCAR?

    MZ Dev provides convenient and flexible licensing options to meet your current needs and grow as your requirements dictate. Contact us and we'll provide our pricing and set up a quick demo.

  • Can I suggest a new feature?

    OSCAR was built on customer requirements. Our product backlog is prioritized by our customers and our feature release schedule is communicated well in advance of any production updates.