OSCAR Fast, Accurate Scoring

OSCAR allows scorers the ability to score from anywhere, all they need is internet access. Our goal is to make the scoring process as simple as possible and take the technical setup and concerns away. Once the scoring administrator has completed the setup process all the scoring team has to do is login and begin their work!


What makes OSCAR your best choice


OSCAR is designed with non-technical users in mind and enables easy set-up for scoring projects, even with complex scoring rules.


OSCAR can generate fast, accurate and reliable scoring and is used to score millions of responses each year.


OSCAR provides quality monitoring tools that allow scoring leaders to have a real-time snapshot of project performance.

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OSCAR Comprehensive Reporting

OSCAR provides robust reporting options. All reports within the system are updated real-time and are accessible to anyone with a scoring administrator account. The reports are designed to provide an administrator all the data points necessary to ensure the scoring project is efficient and reliable. OSCAR also provides an option to export raw scoring data. Ability to export raw data files is an option.

OSCAR Setup is Simple and Easy to Use

OSCAR allows for the creation of several different rubric types. From a traditional holistic rubric to complex rubrics using several different trait types. OSCAR allows for ultimate flexibility for scoring projects. Below are a few of the options you have when creating rubrics.

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Item Setup 

OSCAR has built in configuration options that allow for simple, straight-forward scoring while still allowing complex scoring settings. A few of the options available are listed below:

  • Item Level Training Sets
  • item Level Qualification Sets
  • Item Level Calibration Sets
  • Ability to define validity, qualification and calibration thresholds
  • Create multiple training resources for each item
  • Determine what raters have access to specific items
  • Set word count rules
  • Configure non-scoreable codes for each item
  • Please contact us if you have additional questions about Item Configuration available in OSCAR!

Quality Management 

OSCAR has quality management features built in that allow scoring administrators to ensure accurate scoring throughout a scoring project. OSCAR allows for creation of the following quality management tools

  • Training - Setup training sets based on live repsonses or previous responses from other projects.
  • Qualification - Setup one or many qualification sets and define pass rules to ensure scorers are
  • prepared to start scoring operational responses
  • Validity - Create multiple validity sets and configure validity rules at the item level
  • Calibration - Create multiple calibration sets and determine if they will be delivered automatically or manually by a scoring lead.
  • OSCAR provides complex quality configuration that can be configured at the item level. Contact us today if you have additional questions about Quality Management features.