April 28, 2017 | Blog

A Big Day for OSCAR!

Friday April 28th was a big day for OSCAR. Our customers scored over 100,000 assessment responses in under six hours.

  • Over 1,000 active scores
  • Over 100,000 student responses scored
  • Over 2,000 user sessions
Here is some feedback about OSCAR from our customers…
  • After scoring state tests here for at least the past seven years, I can acknowledge the improvements in the interface of the digital scoring. Also, it was a resource improvement not to have so many paper copies of rubrics, booklets, etc. to recycle this year (though it was challenging not to have papers to refer back to quickly).
  • The computer system worked flawlessly.
  • The computer based system was much more effective in training and scoring and the women in charge of room did a nice job.
  • Using the electronic system this year was far easier than in past years. The software worked efficiently and was easy to use.
  • The whole system seemed to be more efficient this year than last. This may be attributed to so much now being on the computer and easily accessed. I believe it is also due to the managers and trainers who were quite organized.
  • The change to the complete process being completed on line was actually great.
  • The software this year was MUCH improved from the last year.
  • Moving to paperless training materials was great (compared to having so many booklets and papers in years past).
  • I absolutely love the new way the scoring is setup! Having all the training documents and scoring digital is so much easier.
  • I love training and filling out the survey on the computer! Love the move to doing everything electronically. This new system is DEFINITELY better than the old one – less glitchy!
  • The new computer software is easy and efficient. I like it better than the program last year.