By Zac Henrich
August 12, 2020 | Blog

Exploring ADAM: Performance Assessment in the Digital Age

In this series, we’re going to take a closer look at each individual product in our lineup. This week, we’re exploring ADAM.

Paper performance assessments have always been time-consuming to produce and expensive to mark. Educators know this intuitively by all the effort they spend writing and scoring student work. But the real costs of paper testing might not be so obvious.

Longer turnaround times on performance assessments ultimately means fewer opportunities for students to showcase their learning through authentic work.  When we speed up the test authoring, delivery and make scoring an efficient and scalable process, we can provide students with more opportunities to be evaluated. That’s the true goal of better testing. And it’s exactly what we’ve accomplished with ADAM.

Simple, rapid test creation and delivery

ADAM saves you time because there are no extra steps between test creation and delivery. No formatting and tweaking. No printing papers. Just create your test items, using one of 75 different item templates, and deliver. Once the students have submitted their assessment, ADAM makes student work available to score in OSCAR automatically. ADAM makes your life easier at every stage of the process.

A massive range of item types

Templated item types are the key to making test authoring efficient. When you build tests on ADAM, you’ll have access to over 75 item types out of the box. Whatever type of question you’d like to ask, from multiple choice and essays to complex multimedia items, you’ll have the option to build something that captures the essence of learning outcomes. We’ll even help you to program custom templates if you need questions that don’t fit inside our already huge number of options. 

Efficiency at any scale

ADAM is built to scale. That means that whether you’re a single institution or a multi-national testing organization, you can quickly roll out the same exam creation process across all your assessors and stakeholders. With multi-tier management functionality and safety permissions, your system rollout will be seamless.

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