By Zac Henrich
August 6, 2020 | Blog

Exploring OSCAR: your rapid scoring solution

In this series, we’re going to take a closer look at each individual product in our lineup, starting with OSCAR. 

When we first started MZD, we wanted to create a platform that would dramatically reduce the time organizations require to score authentic assessments. It would need to be flexible enough to support a large range of assessment formats at mass scale while also being easy to use. Our solution is OSCAR.

The foundation of the MZD family

OSCAR is our flagship scoring tool that allows your team to process both digital assessment documents, hand-written exam papers, video, excel and audio at unprecedented speed. 

OSCAR makes scoring faster, with extremely efficient load times and no need for paper handling. 

Best of all, OSCAR ensures higher standards of scoring with collaborative tools. Train and develop scorers by monitoring their scores and provide feedback directly on the platform. OSCAR gives scoring directors total control while offering scorers the flexibility to work when and where they want.

From 18 days of scoring down to just 5

Reducing the amount of time it takes to accurately score assessments is our biggest goal here at MZD. We partnered with the Georgia Center for Assessment to help them create huge efficiencies in their scoring process using OSCAR. 

A large-scale project would usually take GCA around 18 days of scoring with a team of over 20 markers. OSCAR reduced that scoring time to just 5 days and now requires only 6 markers to handle a project. That’s a 75% efficiency that can be scaled across the entire state assessment landscape.

Supply cost savings of 48%

MZD is also proud to have been selected as the assessment partner for Millard Public Schools. Their assessment project – a 10th-grade marking event – saw a savings of 48% in supply costs. That’s money that can now be spent on classroom equipment, facilities or events that enhance the student learning experience. In total, they scored over 10,200 papers in record time, with a 35% reduction in department labor hours. 

Hire the best scorers

OSCAR comes with a real-time reporting system that allows both markers and scoring directors to obtain critical, quality information at a glance. Millard stressed to us how useful this function has been in helping them pick the best-performing scorers and maximize the use of resources. Identify high performers and bring them on for extra work, making your next project much more manageable.

OSCAR is built for distributed scoring so there is no need to limit your hiring based on location, hire the best markers regardless of where they live.

Setting up for future growth

OSCAR is integrated with both our assessment authoring and delivery tool (ADAM) and our AI scoring solution (EMMA). With ADAM, you can build assessments and deliver them safely, instantly complete scoring using OSCAR or a implement a human-AI hybrid solution using OSCAR and EMMA. 

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