July 9, 2019 | Blog

MZD’s Jeffrey Cuff to Present at the 2019 DATAG Conference

Jeffrey Cuff, MZD’s Chief Operations Officer will be attending the DATAG Conference (New York Schools Data Analysis Technical Assistance Group) in Saratoga, NY, July 17-19. Jeff is presenting on Thursday, (7/18) @ 10:25am (Phila Room).

The presentation, Scoring for the New York State Testing Program – OSCAR Brings Efficiencies and Transparency, will highlight the work MZD is doing with Strategic Measurement and Evaluation (SME) to help streamline the scoring process from materials management and scanning, to scoring and operational oversight of the project every year.

MZD’s OSCAR has been designed to address the specific requirements for New York State scoring and makes it infinitely easier to monitor project progress and identify any scoring inconsistencies in real-time. We will also highlight the professional development opportunities made possible when teachers are involved in the scoring process.

Connect With Us

If you are planning to attend, we look forward to seeing you in Saratoga. Contact us in advance to schedule a meeting with Jeff and he can fill you in on the work we are doing with ADAM – our item authoring, banking and assessment delivery platform; and OSCAR Classroom – our classroom based collaborative performance scoring solution. We’d welcome the opportunity to learn more about what you are doing and how we might help.

If you are not able to attend DATAG next week, connect with us here and we will arrange a call and can provide a virtual demonstration of any of our products.


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