May 7, 2020 | Blog

Partners in Performance Assessment

Is MZD the Missing Link in Your Performance Assessment Solution?

While many companies have been hard at work for years solving challenges related to technology enhanced items, the same level of effort and development has not been invested into efficient mechanisms for scoring and reporting for performance assessment items despite their increasing significance in the marketplace. Performance-based assessment items are consistently considered a better and more authentic measurement of critical thinking and analytical skills.

At MZD, we specialize in performance assessment solutions designed to complement existing customer workflow with a focus on innovation and affordability. MZD developed OSCAR , our online distributed scoring and reporting platform, to make it more efficient and cost effective to score performance-based items.

OSCAR is designed to easily integrate into existing assessment administration systems and workflow. OSCAR APIs make it simple to plug-in and enable sophisticated scoring capabilities with your existing solution.

The ease and flexibility of OSCAR allows for direct control over all aspects of scoring projects, from the quality and consistency of scorer training and practice, to accuracy and validity monitoring to ensure each test-taker receives an accurate score.

OSCAR Comprehensive Performance Scoring and Reporting Platform

OSCAR’s online distributed performance scoring features make it easy to configure and manage all aspects of your scoring project, whether it’s a simple range-finding project or a large scale, high stakes scoring project with complex rubrics and sophisticated reader resolution configurations.

  • Generates fast, accurate, and reliable scoring
  • Allows for scoring from anywhere on any device
  • Supports scoring projects of all sizes
  • Integrates with leading AI scoring engines
  • Delivers essay, constructed response, video, audio, and portfolio scoring
  • Provides quality monitoring tools that allow scoring leaders to have a real-time snapshot of project performance
  • Designed with non-technical users in mind and enables easy set-up for scoring projects, even with complex scoring rules

Learn more about how we can partner with you and integrate innovative performance scoring solutions into your assessment administration.

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