June 19, 2017 | News

Strategic Measurement & Evaluation and MZ Development Partnership!

SME selected OSCAR to score the NYS Summative Assessment. Over 1.8 million responses scored in 6 weeks.

Strategic Measurement and Evaluation chose OSCAR to be their preferred platform for scoring the end-of -year New York State Testing Program ELA and Mathematics tests for Grades 3-8

A Look Into the Numbers

  • Zero costs for Practice Training & Qualification material. All resources available via OSCAR
  • 1.8 Million responses scored in 7 weeks
  • 27,407 teacher scoring sessions
1.8 Million responses scored with ZERO technical errors

What Users Are Saying

  • “After scoring state tests here for at least the past 7 years, I can acknowledge the improvements in the interface of the digital scoring. Also, it was a resource improvement not to have so many paper copies of rubrics, booklets, etc. to recycle this year”
  • “The whole system seemed to be more efficient this year than last. This may be attributed to so much now being on the computer and easily accessed.”
  • “I absolutely love the new way the scoring is setup! Having all the training documents and scoring digital is so much easier.”
  • “The new system is so much better! It was much more user friendly and clear.”
  • “Using the electronic system this year was far easier than in past years. The software worked efficiently and was easy to use.”
98% of Teachers were confident with scoring technology

Download the PDF here.