December 17, 2020 | Press Releases

MZ Development Successfully Completes 2020 SOC® 2 Type 2 Examination

MZ Development (MZD), a world-class end to end performance assessment platform, today announced the successful completion of their 2020 System and Organizational Controls (SOC) 2® Type 2 examination. With long-standing experience in the education technology industry, the company has completed annual SOC examinations for two consecutive years, reflecting a commitment to secure internal controls.

“As an assessment technology company, information security and compliance has always been a top priority for MZD,” explained Miles Loring, CTO for MZD. Our SOC 2 Type 2 examination report demonstrates our ongoing commitment to ensuring the security of our clients’ data and provides greater transparency,” he continued.

MZD was audited against the AICPA Trust Services Criteria for Security, Availability, and Confidentiality. The SOC 2 Type 2 examination provided assurance regarding the effectiveness of the company’s controls over a period of time.

MZD chose to become SOC 2 compliant to ensure the highest standards when it comes to data security, compliance, and organizational procedures as a big part of their commitment in serving their partners. Their goal is to continue growing MZD at a rapid pace, and the SOC 2 Type 2 provides an essential foundation across all aspects of the organization. The completion of the SOC 2 Type 2 examination sets MZD apart from others in their industry. The investment in their SOC 2 program sends a message to current and potential partners that MZD is committed to security and quality in all aspects of their work.

“Our team’s continued commitment to data security, organizational process and quality control is reflected in our SOC 2 Type 2 report,” explained Zac Henrich, CEO at MZD. “As a leadership team we know this is a solid foundation that continues to support our rapid growth and our ability to deliver for our partners,” he continued.

The effort was completed by the professional and independent third-party audit firm, 360 Advanced, Inc.

“We feel that 360 Advanced is part of our team. The expertise provided by each member of the 360 Advanced team is extremely valuable and our work with them is a true collaboration,” noted Zac Henrich, CEO at MZD.

About MZD
With a mission to enable more meaningful and actionable educational measurement, MZD an assessment innovation company focused on building better tools for assessment authoring, delivery, scoring, and reporting. MZD provides test publishers, state departments of education, school districts, and credentialing organizations with cutting edge technology solutions that emphasize practical designs, enjoyable user experiences, and richer results with greater efficiency. The MZD Suite of products are engineered to use individually or in combination as a complete solution, and are all ready for integration with other enterprise products and platform components. MZD’s assessment delivery and management platform, ADAM, is a fully featured solution for item authoring, test form assembly, assessment administration, scoring and reporting. The online distributed scoring and reporting component of ADAM can also be deployed as a standalone tool known as OSCAR that can be integrated with other digital test delivery systems or traditional paper exams, as well as performance and portfolio style assessment modalities. Founded in 2015, MZD has quickly established a strong reputation as a trusted technical partner building powerful tools that meet the unique needs of large-scale assessment programs and has aggregated the experience necessary to skillfully address evolving requirements with practical, cost-effective solutions. Relevant previous projects include ADAM and OSCAR deployments and related technical services supporting both large-scale and classroom level test delivery and scoring for assessment projects within the Louisiana Department of Education, NWEA, Gwinnett County Public Schools (GA), The Georgia Center for Assessment, Strategic Measurement and Evaluation, the Colorado Department of Education, and The Michigan Assessment Consortium.

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