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Performance Assessment Expert Daisy Vickers to Moderate 2019 NCSA Conference Session

MZD’s own Daisy Vickers, VP of Performance Scoring and Research, will draw upon decades of assessment expertise to moderate a panel at the upcoming NCSA conference in Orlando on Monday, June 24th at 4:00 pm.

Here is what she has to say about why this session will be well worth your time:

I am excited to be moderating the panel titled, Teacher Participation in Performance Assessment Development and Scoring in Support of Meaningful Staff DevelopmentIn this discussion, we will provide participants with a diverse look at how various sized organizations are using performance assessment to aid in staff development and provide richer student assessment results. We will also examine how these organizations internally develop, deliver, and score large-scale performance assessments.

Our expert panelists:

  • Elizabeth Blackmon of Gwinnett County Public Schools, Atlanta Georgia
  • Darin Kelberlau of Millard Public Schools, Omaha Nebraska
  • Ashley Priebe Brown of Mississippi State University, Research & Curriculum Unit

All of these panelists use different assessments, but now are able to manage them on their own and use them for professional development of their staff. I am excited because these panelists also showcase the flexibility of MZD.

During the panel discussion, we will delve into these four key areas:

  • Finances—the panelists will share financial implications and comparisons
  • Assessment Models Used—the panelists will provide detailed information on specific assessments used
  • Problems Overcome—the panelists will share challenges they faced with adopting a new system
  • Results Achieved—attendees will learn the outcomes of the in-house assessments and how they compare to past results

This candid discussion will help attendees think about ways to do their own assessments and how to apply these learnings to their own situations. Learn how these panelists use their own teachers to score tests, demystifying assessment and giving the districts control of their own standards, curriculum and assessment. The session will demonstrate that these organizations are able to assess different content and each handle it themselves in a financially viable way.

Who should attend this panel?

Anyone who acknowledges that more could be done to better align assessments with their district’s goals and curriculum. Also, anyone who is wanting to do something different, but hesitant to make a change because of uncertainty on cost and unknown results would benefit by attending. From the panelists’ various experiences, attendees will learn that they can really stand behind the scores with confidence and understanding that they’ve never had before. Furthermore, the session will be of value to any attendees focused on staff development and who are trying to do as much as they can with performance assessment.

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