August 7, 2019 | Whitepapers

A Case Study on Performance Assessment Scoring: How Millard Public Schools Successfully Transitioned to Online Scoring

Millard Public Schools in Omaha is introducing more timely, formative and instructionally-driven assessment instruments to better measure student writing literacy and gauge improvement. Darin Kelberlau, Millard’s Executive Director of Assessment, Research and Evaluation explains how his district realized savings and efficiencies with help from MZD and OSCAR.

Darin Kelberlau - Millard Public Schools

“With authentic type tests, scoring them can be very costly and time consuming. They’re very resource intensive, much more so than multiple choice tests. So we looked at how we can reap the benefits of performance assessments while managing associated constraints on resources,” said Kelberlau. “It was apparent that our assessment system needed to match how we were teaching kids, and we needed to do it in a way that was affordable and efficient.”

Millard was able to reduce teacher scoring hours by 35%
and decrease supply costs by 48%.

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